Join life staging®™ in Stockholm, sweden or elsewhere

Life Staging philosophy and format will be presented on congresses all over the world. Seminars, workshops, education and supervision in the format are continuously given in different parts of Sweden and can be provided elsewhere upon request. Supervison Groups, Workshops and Therapy in Stockholm are usually held at "Blå Vinden" Tomtebogatan 6 A, close to St Eriksplan or at Stortorget  Gamla Stan.

map to practice practice Stockholm city at St Eriksplan


practice Stockholm city, St Eriksplan

Blå Vinden
Tomtebogatan 6A, 6 trappor
113 39 Stockholm

OFFICE and Practice

EW Psykologkonsult AB
Elisabet Wollsén
Observatoriegatan 21
SE-113 29 Stockholm


+46 (0)8 33 71 73